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  • IRIS: Fast EM Simulation with Virtuoso Integration Product Datasheet 2019年11月29日
    In high frequency silicon circuit design, passive devices, interconnect, and their mutual coupling have to be taken into account via electromagnetic (EM) simulation Full-wave EM simulation is becoming necessary to cover the RF frequency of interest inclu
  • ViaExpert: 3D Via Modeling and Simulation Product Datasheet 2019年11月29日
    Impedance discontinuity in the signal path has a significant impact on signal integrity for high speed channel design Among the many discontinuities, via discontinuity is the critical one which requires extra attention in channel design Three-dimensiona
  • JobQueue: Simulation Job Management Platform Product Datasheet 2019年11月29日
    JobQueue is a web based platform to submit, monitor and manage your simulation jobs, including IRIS, HFSS and so on As a web application, JobQueue utilizes both client hardware devices and servers based on Client Server mode, so it’s quite easy to depl
  • TmlExpert: Tml Modeling and Simulation Product Datasheet 2019年11月29日
    TmlExpert is a fast and accurate Tml modeling and simulation tool Transmission lines are key building components which plays an important role in signal integrity As data rate increases to high Gbps speed, accurate modeling of transmission
  • iModeler: Fast PDK Model Generation Product Datasheet 2019年11月29日
    A process design kit (PDK) is a set of files used within the semiconductor industry to model a fabrication process for the design tools used to design an integrated circuit With a PDK, designers can jump-start chip design and work through the design flow
  • CableExpert: Fast and Accurate Cable Modeling and Simulation Product Datasheet 2020年08月24日
    Cable assembly is a key component in network systems Accurate modeling of cables is becoming a necessity to ach
  • IRIS Plus: Fast RFIC and MMIC Passive Extraction simulation tool Product Datasheet 2019年11月29日
    Xpeedic IRIS Plus provides a 3D EM simulation tool of passive devices and interconnect structures for RF microwave chips, modules, packages, and circuit boards Industry leading multi-layer structure of the method of acceleration technology, fast and accu
  • Hermes: High Speed PCB Signal Integrity Analysis Product Datasheet 2020年08月24日
    Impedance discontinuity in the signal path has a significant impact on signal integrity for high speed channel de
  • ChannelExpert: High Speed Channel Exploration Product Datasheet 2020年08月24日
    High speed serial channel design is becoming more and more challenging because of the ever increasing data rate
  • SnpExpert: S-Parameter Exploration Product Datasheet 2020年08月24日
    S-parameters, traditionally used in RF Microwave design, are widely adopted by high speed digital designs as the m