Simulation-driven Solution from Chip Package to System

Multiple EM and Circuit simulation technology. Prosperous foundry and partner ecosystem

On-chip passive modeling and simulation for RF and high performance analog designs for mobile, connectivity and optical applications, including:
·RFIC Passive Simulation
·Analog/Mix Signal IC Passive Simulation
·RF PDK Turn Key Solution


Package modeling and simulation ranging from low cost packages to high performance interposer with TSV for mobile, networking and server applications:
·RFFE Module Simulation
·Advanced Package Simulation
·System in Package Simulation


Package and board level Signal Integrity analysis for high speed digital system designs in servers, storage and networking:
·RF PCB System Simulation
·High Speed Digital System Simulation


Business Categories

The rise of IoT, AI and big data are pushing the advances in IC, packaging, and system, posing great challenges to the EDA industry. The traditional design methodology or even the underlying algorithm must be revised to meet the new demand arising from the new technology. Xpeedic was founded with this new requirement in mind and committed to offer the EDA/IC solution to better serve this rapidly growing market